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One-Stop Service for Oversea Recruitment 

How to Apply

  • Click to apply Click
  • Apply through LINE Click
  • Walk-in, Call for direction

      Tel. 02 184 2833

  • Upload Job Application Click
  • Wait for test-date announcement
  • Applicant must bring original documents (resume, test card, welder performance qualification test record, employment certificate)
  • Wait for the test result within 7 days
  • Submit health-check result Click
  • Submit criminal record result Click
  • Gather all documents in order to apply for visa
  • Sign employment contract
  • 45-hour training with the Department of Employment

           (Free of charge)

  • Pay travelling expenses and air ticket
  • Travelling to airport and depart to work
  • Meet employer and drive to job site
  • E.P.A. provides counselling support throughout working contract
  • Support in contract renewal (when employer wants to extend employment contract)

Our Key Competency

Authorized license for overseas employment service

Visa issuance under the law of Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Republic of Korea

Applicants can enroll in our Labor Training Center to practice and become expertise to apply for a job overseas

Job Order and positions are certified and guaranteed by Ministry of Labor of Republic of Korea 

About Us

E.P.A. International Recruitment Co.,Ltd.

Established in 1973 north-east of Thailand in Udonthani. Business operation by one stop service for supply Thai labor to labor market's need around the world. Since year 1986 we had deployed over 40,000 labor to middle east countries for work major construction projects. Become to sole labor supplier agent in Korea by partner with KFSB. Become to labor supplier agent in over all of Taiwan. In 2019, we have new target to supply Thai labor for solve skill labor lacking problem in Japan.

In 2023, with the cooperation with Ministry of Labour in South Korea, E.P.A. has been assigned to supply specialized welders for the fast -growing shipbuilding industry in Korea. The project aims to provide remarkable Thai trainee worker to the Korean shipbuilding industry, revitalize the Korean shipbuilding industry, and provide Thai trainer welding workers with wages and welfare benefits based on the Korean Labor Standards Act.

Type of Labors

There are 2 types of labors.

Ready to fly group and Not-ready to fly group

Ready to fly group is the labors equipped with required skills in certain fields. After passing the test, this group will be granted with specialized visa

Not-ready to fly group can be trained to meet job descriptions assigned by employer. This group can enroll in our training center facility for additional training.

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