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Established in 1973 north-east of Thailand in Udonthani. Business operation by one stop service for supply Thai labor to labor market's need around the world. Since year 1986 we had deployed over 40,000 labor to middle east countries for work major construction projects. Become to sole labor supplier agent in Korea by partner with KFSB. Become to labor supplier agent in over all of Taiwan. In 2019, we have new target to supply Thai labor for solve skill labor lacking problem in Japan.

In 2023, with the cooperation with Ministry of Labour in South Korea, E.P.A. has been assigned to supply specialized welders for the fast -growing shipbuilding industry in Korea. The project aims to provide remarkable Thai trainee worker to the Korean shipbuilding industry, revitalize the Korean shipbuilding industry, and provide Thai trainer welding workers with wages and welfare benefits based on the Korean Labor Standards Act.


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